Anthony Hearn

Advisor and Mentor

Anthony has worked in the animal industry in various positions since 2003, where he began work as a sales assistant for an aquatic retailer. In 2006, he graduated from the Berkshire College of Agriculture with excellent grades. . Upon graduation, he took on a full-time role with the same aquatics company, eventually taking on a more practical role, being responsible for animal care and acquisition.

In mid-2010, Anthony craved something different; consequently, he left his job and moved to Finland. After a year, he was placed in a government-funded language course which equipped him with the tools and confidence to approach places of interest for work placements. He subsequently undertook an internship at the Sealife Helsinki Aquarium. Not long after, Anthony was introduced to some members of Helsinki Zoo, and later became an employee three. This led to his career switch as a zoo keeper and after spending six years in Finland, he returned to the UK.
In 2016, the newest source of Anthony’s inspiration came with the birth of his son, Kai. By the end of 2017, Anthony had become a stay-at-home father; later taking a part-time job working as farm hand for a local children’s farm. After a year of part-time work at the farm and full-time parental care, Anthony accepted a job as Head Keeper and Farm Manager; a position in which he continues today.
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