The Jungle Library Project

This educational programme aims to raise awareness and introduce the right values and mind sets of young generations at targeted schools located in the area with highly deforested with human-wildlife conflict at the border of Isau-Isau Wildlife Reserve, South Sumatra.

Through the use of an environmental education syllabus, we teach primary school students about species native to Sumatra, how ecosystems function and environmental destruction.

The aim is for future generations to have more environmentally-conscious mindsets and to pursue sustainable career paths in future. This would prevent them from endangering their lives with unsustainable careers that are damaging the environment and resulting in landslides, floods, food shortages, forest fires among others.

The Jungle Library Book Project provides dynamic lessons which highlight five key topics including Forests, Rivers, Endangered and Protected Animals, Plastic Pollution and Human-Wildlife Conflict. 70% of the programme is conducted outdoors while the remaining 30% is conducted indoors.

Despite the illegal land clearing and illicit wildlife trade that the children today are confronted with everyday, we aim to change the minds and hearts of these village children so that they would be nature lovers and will do their part to protect biodiversity. The results of the programme may not be evident immediately, but they inspire me to keep going every single day.
Jan 2020 - Field trip with Jorn Middelborg and the discovery of the Rafflesia in South Sumatra

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  • Outdoor classes where students are doing some survey at the river
  • Outdoor classes where students are doing some survey at the river
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