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So grateful to see this living Dinosaur in natural habitat in Sumatra island. Here is Kloss Forest Dragon (Gonochephalus klossi) who have incredible appearance and could perfectly blend with their habitat. These lizards are Arboreal or living on the tree and have medium size with long tail but still could climb fast and also love primary forest as their habitat.
So grateful I can see this Remarkable Flowers in the wild again after 4 years. How happy I am I can see (Rafflesia arnoldii) that could produce a largest single Flowers on Earth. This species have biggest Flowers in entire species on this Rafflesia Genus. You can't find Rafflesia arnoldii anywhere else on earth except you visit Sumatra island and seeing them in the wild. Seeing them grow in the wild is my Botanical Dreams since I was a child. Rafflesia arnoldii grow as parasites on specific host called (Tetrastigma). Tetrastigma is a wild vine genus that only host plant could support Rafflesia to grow.

We need to walk on slippery terrains and walk down hill to reach these flowers. Basically, Rafflesia loves to grow in the cliff and so happy I can meet this amazing flowers with my botanist friends Jorn and I have funniest and remarkable moments that I've never been done before in my life is we have lunch in front of this Rafflesia.
Here is one of the most beautiful orchids native to Sumatra. This species has spectacular patterns and vibrant colours and bears a striking resemblance to a scorpion, which explains why it is coined as Scorpion Orchid (Arachnis flos-aeries).This species thrives in the sun and is often found in medium to highland forests.
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