Education & Outreach

We do Village Clean Up with students in Padang Village Primary school, Lahat South Sumatra. We learn a lot about Plastic Pollution and Try to find simple solution like reduce use single use plastic. We hope it could raise awareness and they could to be a change maker for their village on these pollution issues.
We learn all about plant in our botanical class, we invite kids to search their favourite plants and they need to observe every single plant parts and it’s function to make them understand the core mindset how important plant is for our life.
Kids very excited to observe and learn a lot about Bio-indicator of healthy river. They try to find fish, crabs, shrimps, shell, snail, and many more in the river. This lesson purpose is to make them understands what the different of healthy river and polluted river and what’s the impact for humans and the environment.
We focus in raising awareness about rare and protected animals in Sumatra in our lessons. Here is a picture of one of our students who try to identify and write down all of the animal’s name on the worksheet. This lesson will give them right information and give them new knowledge about native biodiversity.
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