Volunteer & Internship

There are volunteering and internship opportunities for people who are keen to guide and teach children in the Batu Gane Village Primary School which is located at the border of Kerinci Seblat National Park, South Sumatra to start new year (2020). We are glad to have our friend, Jorn Middelborg from Norway who is helping us educate children about animals’ feeding habits during our outdoor classes. We also learn about healthy river bio-indicator at the Lakitan River.
We are happy to welcome our friend and brother, Tyrone Mckendry who spends time to share his conservation experiences which he has done across the world. He shares his conservation and wildlife experiences in the North and South Pole conservation and wildlife to the children at the Padang Village Primary School, Lahat, South Sumatra this week, not only in the classroom but we also have outdoor class and kids do animals observations to make them closer with nature.
We welcome Cristian and Sabrina from Italy who are helping us with othe greenhouse of the Flora Rescue Project to plant one species of flowers species native to Sumatra known as Amorphophallus paeoniifolius and tracking long distances to discover and rescue rare orchids species in unprotected areas in Musirawas.
We welcome Dylan Treguier to South Sumatra who has been teaching our children and raising awareness about shark conservation and plastic pollution in ocean. Children really enjoy having him as a teacher and learning a lot about underwater wildlife. Dylan is a diving master who is passionate about protection of marine life with his amazing work in East Indonesia.
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