The Sumatra Camera Trap Project

The Sumatra Camera Trap Project seeks to monitor and record animal diversity within the Isau-Isau Wildlife Reserve, one of “un-researched” and understudied area in collaboration with government agency, Natural Resources Conservation Agency of South Sumatra Region II (SKW II, BKSDA Sumatra Selatan).

The project aims to promote Isau-Isau Wildlife Reserve as an essential and a biodiversity hotspot in Indonesia and the data collected serves as useful learning materials for SNBC’s educational programmes.

The project showcases the array of elusive animals and wildlife that these unsearched nature reserves offer and seeks to find the new population of the critical endangered Sumatran tigers. 

A camera trap team comprising staff and local people was formed to amass new integrated data of elusive species and to raise awareness and promote the biodiversity of Sumatra, both locally and globally. It is our hope that this project will help transfer knowledge to local people and to inspire more people to be involved in conservation efforts in the wildlife of South Sumatra.

Pungky and team setting up of camera to document the animals in the area

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