Field Story & Highlights

Sumatra - Truly a botanical heaven on earth

How happy I am when I can see these beautiful plants during the Flora Rescue Programme with the Conservation Agency of South Sumatra! Here’s introducing you this incredible plant called (Phrynium villosulum) that is native to the Sumatra island. This plant is similar to Calathea with its lime green colour and dark green stripes on the foliage  and is often found near cliffs near the stream.
Try to find everything inside the water!
Focus on the Aquatic Biodiversity Survey, I'm glad we have an amazing team from the conservation agency to endorse this lake as highly important as it provides a natural refuge for wildlife and serves as an excellent habitat for water birds and rare species.

I'm so grateful for this life, having the opportunity to meet many wonderful people throughout this journey. I would consider myself to be one of the luckiest persons who can meet like-minded people who are deeply passionate about nature and wildlife conservation.
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