Martialis Puspito Khristy Maharsi


Martialis Puspito Khristy Maharsi (Martialis) is very passionate about nature and wildlife conservation in Indonesia. He graduated from the forestry study at the Gadjah Mada University and is also attended a Master programme on Environmental Studies at the Diponegoro University in Java, Indonesia. 

Martialis first started his career working at the Conservation department in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of The Republic Indonesia as Reviewer and Planning Data Presenter at Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Jambi Province during (2006- 2007), Reviewer and Planning Data Presenter at Bukit Dua Belas National Park Office (2007- 2008), Reviewers, Materials and Service Data provider for forest and biodiversity management inside of National Park at Bukit Dua Belas National Park Office (2008-2010), Reviewer and Presenter of Conservation Area and Nature Biodiversity Management Planning at Bukit Dua Belas National Park Office (2012 -2016). From 2016 till present, he works as Chief of Natural Resources Conservation Agency Regional II South Sumatra and leads and manages three Conservation Areas including Lahat Elephants Sanctuary, Isau-Isau Wildlife Reserve and Gumai-Pasemah Wildlife Reserve.
He has done a lot of great work during his tenure as Chief of Natural Resources Conservation Regional II South Sumatra. He worked closely with key stakeholders to resolve many challenges relating to human wildlife conflict in south Sumatra including human-elephant conflict in Musi-rawas Utara, 2020, tiger-human conflict (Nov 2019-Jan 2020). He is also instrumental in pioneering and supporting the Flora Rescue programme – the first flora conservation project that focuses on native orchids in Sumatra. He also makes integrated data outside and inside Isau-Isau Wildlife reserve and Gumai Wildlife Reserve for sustainable management.
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